Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning & Probate


Solem, Harris & McKinley P.C. offers a full range of planning the following techniques. 

  • Simple wills
  • Wills with trusts for children who are underage or unstable
  • Wills with trusts for children, spouses, or other persons who are disabled (Special Needs Trusts)
  • Wills with trusts to protect public benefits (Disability Trusts)
  • Wills with trusts to reduce estate tax liability (for large estates)
  • Probate avoidance via revocable living trusts with "pour-over wills".
  • Probate avoidance via beneficiary designations on retirement accounts, life insurance, and real estate. 
  • Probate avoidance via payable on death (POD) or transfer on death (TOD) designations or via joint tenancy ownership on bank accounts, investment accounts, and real estate. 
  • Power of attorney (financial & medical)
  • Living wills

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Probate is the process by which a person's will is administered in court after that person dies. Colorado's probate system is fast, efficient and usually inexpensive. Where an estate has no real estate and its assets are valued at less than $66,000, it can even be handled without probate by using an approved affidavit. Revocable living trusts are more common in states where (unlike Colorado) probate can be cumbersome and expensive. Revocable living trusts can be appropriate, but are less often needed in Colorado.